Our key objective is to allow anyone to turn up with what they've got and enjoy competing on a level playing field where ability is the differentiator. You don't need a R10000 rifle or be an expert marksman to enjoy yourself.

The range is on privately owned property, therefore NOBODY is allowed to use the shooting range without an official range officer being present. We are usually there on Saturday's between 10h00 and 15h00, but that is not always the case. Please check with us beforehand and make sure that you are familiar with the rules.

From the R102, take the Stellenbosch turnoff (Polkadraai). The entrance is about 1km further, on the right just before the traffic lights.

To ensure that everybody gets along, new applicants must be nominated by a member. Senior members will decide, whenever they feel like doing it, if you are going to be a member or not.

Members can invite guests (maximum of 2 people) to attend a shoot, but the same guests can not be invited more than once a month. If they want to use the range, they'll have to become members.

Membership fees are R120 per year and will be used for club expenses like maintenance, targets etc. No membership fees required for any under 18's, but they must be accompanied by an adult club member.


Rules and regulations: (These rules are for your safety and not meant to restrict anyone's enjoyment.)

Right of admission :

- Failure to comply with the safety or club rules could result in being ask to leave the grounds. Make sure you are familiar with all rules and regulations... ignorance is not an excuse.

- Nobody is allowed to use the shooting range without an official range officer being present. The range is situated on private property and this is one of the landlord's requirements.

- Non-members are only allowed when accompanied by members. If you loiter around there and end up in the police cells or are being forcefully removed by the land owner, it is not our problem; we might even give him a helping hand.

Basic Safety Rules:

- Do not cock your rifle until you are ready to take aim. Never point a gun at anyone or anything except a proper target. Never shoot where you cannot see. Never load a rifle or pistol unless it is pointing at a target. All guns that is not being used must be unloaded and any pellets removed. The action of a rifle or pistol is to be kept un-cocked at all times when not actually in use. The rifle or pistol is only loaded on the range, and when ready to fire, is kept pointing down the range.

- Stay behind the firing line.

- When a cease fire command is given, guns must be discharged into the ground. No gun may be reloaded until the range has been declared safe by a range officer.

- NEVER rest the rifle muzzle on your foot. When getting down or up from a prone shots always be aware of where your rifle muzzle is pointing, it should remain pointing down or down-range at all times, ask you shooting partner for their assistance in taking your rifle from you if you find it difficult getting up or down safely.

- Keep your gun pointed at the floor at all times other then when taking a shot.



Gound rules and range conduct:

- Do not touch other people's guns without their permission.

- All under 18s must be accompanied by an adult when shooting on club grounds.

- Guns requiring a firearm certificate are not allowed.

- No dogs allowed.

- No live quarry to be shot on club property.

- All cars and bikes are parked at the club at the owners risk.

- We don't accept responsibility for loss or theft of participant's belongings. No exceptions

- We reserve the right to remain closed without notice during exceptionally bad weather or other exceptional circumstances.

- Do not shoot bottles.

- Clean up before you leave.

- If you bring your children or guests along, you are responsible for them.


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