airgun types

When buying a rifle...

Always try to buy a from a dealer that knows what he is talking about. It may sound harsh, but at most gunshops, the guy behind the counter have no clue about airguns.

Always ask advise from somebody who is an expert, if you can't find one, try to contact your local airgun club or contact us.

Always ask yourself what you want to do with the rifle (hunt, FT competitions, just have some fun, etc.). There is nothing worse than buying a gun for a purpose, only to find out later that it does not meet your expectations.
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Never fall for the feet per second hype. Most rifles that is advertised at over 1000 ft/s are useless, so rather buy an accurate 12 ft.lbs rifle.

When buying pellets...

No two rifles are the same, so the best way of finding the perfect ammo is to try different pellets until you find the one that is right for your rifle. Just stay far away from cheap pellets. Cheap pellets, even from the same batch, can differ in weight and shape, making it impossible to optain any consistancy.

Also remember that pellets that are to light or to heavy will cause premature spring failure. A safe bet is to stick to pellets weighing between 8 and 9gr. If you have a high power rifle, stay away from hyper velocity pellets!!!

H&N, Air Arms and JSB pellets are normally all very good. All you have to do is play around a bit and see which one works the best in your rifle.

When buying a scope...

If you buy a scope for a springer, make sure it is airgun rated. Magnum powered springers are scope killers! Get yourself a good set of mounts, preferably a one piece mount with a scope stop. Mounts may seem expensive, but the cheap ones just don't last. I'm probably sticking my neck out here, but 99% of all gunshops don't have a clue what scope to use on a spring powered airgun. It doesn't matter how expensive the scope is or how big your hunting rifle is, an FAC powered springer will destroy that scope eventually.


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