airgun types


First of all, we do not condone the random shooting of animals and birds... this is for informational purposes only.

Personally I feel that .20 caliber is more suitable for hunting than .177 due to better stopping power, but a .177 in the hands of a skilled hunter can be very effective.

What is the effective hunting distance for an airgun?

This is one of the questions we hear the most. Well in truth it depends on your ability and the power and accuracy of your rifle.
A good way of finding the effective huntng distance for you and your rifle is the following:

Use an empty baked beans or canned fruit tin. Not a cooldrink or beer can, they are to soft. Shoot it at different distances. If your grouping is goes bigger than 10mm, you have reached the end of your ability. If the pellet can't penetrate both sides of the tin anymore, you have reached the end of your rifle's ability. So, to wrap it up, effective hunting distance is where a pellet can penetrate both sides of a tin and you can manage to shoot a 10mm, 5 shot grouping.

So you want to shoot pests like rats, ferral pigeons, starlings and house crows...

Don't go beyond your effective hunting distance and go for headshots.

Very important... make sure you do it beyond town or city limits and get the written consent of the land ownerand any other party that might be involved.

So you want to shoot small buck, dogs, cats, etc...

You stupid idiot !!! It is illegal and things like that will result in unnecessary legislation.