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POWER vs. FT/S (feet per second)

The info here is mainly directed towards springers...

Don't fall for the feet per second hype!!!!

This is probably the reason why most guys buy a piece of crap the first time....

Almost all manufacturers claim 1000 ft/s for their rifles. What they don't tell you is that they use very light pellets for testing their rifles. Those speeds cannot be reached with normal pellets and using these lightweight pellets for normal use will damage your rifle.

Most springers that is advertised at over 1000 ft/s cannot hit the broad side of a barn, so rather buy an accurate 12 ft/lbs rifle (approximately 800-840ft/s). The Diana rifles is an exception to this rule, most of them have a lot of power, as well as being very accurate. A pellet, hitting a target at 600 ft/s, is much more usefull than a pellet missing it at a 1000 ft/s.

If you must have high power, get a PCP rifle instead of a springer. Most of them can push pellets at speeds well over 1000 ft/s. We are not saying it is ideal, we are just saying it is possible. The guys in the UK have been hunting rabbits and game birds for many years with their sub 12 ft/lbs rifles. Remember... it is all about accuracy.