airgun types



Competition rifles (schools)
Shooting sports is growing in leaps and bounds. There are basicly 2 classes that kids compete in, springers and recoilless rifles. Shooting distances are normally at 10m precision shooting events. For that reason accuracy is much more important than high power. Rifles must be fitted with diopter sights.

Here are our recommendations for spring powered rifles based on our own experience and knowledge.


HW30S This rifle comes with front diopter sight already fitted, a task that can be very problematic on a springer. A very accurate, medium powered rifle with amazingly good adjustable trigger. Rear diopter not included.    


CZ 200 T The target style CZ 200 T version, made in caliber .1.77"/4.5 mm, is designed mainly for the training and basic competitive shooting. Design of the air rifle complies with ISSF rules. Comes standard with front and rear diopters.

CZ 200 T