airgun types


Junior Rifles
The rifles listed here are all small enough to be handled by a child or smaller person.
NB: Airguns are not toys and should be treated like normal firearms. No child should be allowed to use an airgun without adult supervision.

These are our recommendations of rifles that is suitable for juniors shooters.

HW 25L . Quality German engineering, built to last a lifetime. This little gem is very accurate. It has a nice trigger and is a pleasure to shoot. It's the perfect starting rifle. It also is the smallest and lightest, high quality rifle you can buy.

HW 30 MkII / S      

A superior, light and well-balanced air rifle of excellent accuracy for the whole family. Automatic safety, match type trigger, tunnel front sight, micrometer sight adjustable for windage and elevation with four different notches, beechwood stock with long and handy forearm and cheekpiece, rubber buttplate.   The HW30S comes with a front diopter sight and different inserts that makes it the perfect springer for 10m school competitions. As an added bonus it also has the famous Rekord trigger.


Norica M56. A light, medium powered rifle made by a very good Spanish manufacturer. Perfect size for kids. Accurate and something the hole family can enjoy

Diana 21 Panther

Perfect high quality rifle for the smaller person. Reliable break-barrel-system with the new straight resistive composite hunting-styled stock, the match type trigger and the fiber optic will guarantee a maximum of joy and fun. ( 600 fps)

Daisy Red Ryder. If you are looking for a BB gun instead of a pellets gun, get a Red Ryder. When it comes to BB guns, they are legendary. They last for years, and with a capacity of 650 shots, kids can shoot the whole day without reloading or carrying extra ammo.