airgun types


Pre-Charged Pneumatic Rifles (PCP)
This is the group of rifles that has advanced the most in the last 10 years. They use a reservoir built into the gun to hold a store of compressed air, usually about 2500-3000PSI. This reservoir can hold anything from 30-500 shots worth of air depending on the size of the cylinder. The compressed air cylinder is charged via a hand pump or divers bottle. The regular spray compressor, garage pump or foot pump will NOT do the job as they do not run at high enough pressure.

Huge choice of brands and specifications - many multishots available
Great choice of add-ons such as silencers, bipods and custom parts
Accurate, high power
Very quiet with a silencer fitted

Cost of initial setup, Can be inconvenient to refill
Whilst no recoil is great for accuracy, it also takes away some of the fun and challenge of shooting.

These are our recommendations for PCP rifles based on our own experience and knowledge.


HW100 (S/T) I'll admit, I was never a big fan of the HW100. Maybe it was because of the price. But the new models are without a doubt the best airguns you can buy in South Africa . Even small kids with little experience, were able to shoot one hole groupings at 20-30m. Everything about this rifle is perfect. The accuracy, FAC power, Rekord trigger, 14 shot magazine, silencer, stock, shot count, loading mechanism, etc. just can't find fault with it.

Now, to get back to the price... The HW100 is expensive, but you get what you pay for. It comes with a lot of the (essential) extras that is not included with most other rifles. If you add all that up, an S410 with similar specs will cost about the same, but it is my honest opinion that this rifle is better. I prefer the S-model with the sporter stock, but those who prefer a thumbhole stock would be happy to know that it is available at the same price. Both are also available in standard or carbine size.

Low cost hunting rifle

The Airvolution has been designed and manufactured here in SA, so parts is not a problem. It is a true hunting gun... it is built to last, is accurate, and have plenty of power. The rifle finished in anodized aluminum, not blued steel. This does not look as pretty as bluing, but it gives much better protection against rust. What makes it unique is that the rilfes are set up according to your specs. You select the model, caliber (.177 or .20) and how you want it set up (max power, lower power with high shot count, etc.).  The rifle will then be fitted with the correct barrel and adjusted according to specification. There is no other .20 rifle we know of that can offer you the same at the price.

Great all rounders

Air Arms S400. Accuracy to match the best in the world. This rifle is a legend in it's own right. Perfect for competition shooting but can be used for hunting as well.

The S410 is the multi shot version of the S400 and comes with a 10 shot magazine which indexes its self each time the rifle is cocked to fire. This alleviates the need to insert a pellet between shots. Spare magazines are available and can be swapped very quickly with minimal effort very useful in a hunting situation.

NB: Right hand stocks are available in Walnut and Beech, but left hand stocks are available in Walnut only.

Best value for money

The CZ 200 FS is the sport version of the Ceska Zbrojovka PCP air-rifles which were designed in co-operation with the renowned Air Arms company. Being small and light, the CZ 200 FS is a joy to shoot and handle. It is accurate and powerful. Power can be adjusted to about 16 ft/lbs.

A compact rifle at 907mm, the 200 FS weighs in at approximately 3kg. A ten shot rotary magazine from Air Arms is available as an option to make this handy little rifle into a true multi-shot. The air cylinder has a pressure gauge. Filling the air cylinder is easy and a filling adapter is supplied with the rifle.

This is the best rifle you can buy for the price!!!!