airgun types


Pistol are available in CO2, spring, single stroke pneumatic and pcp versions.
NB: The power of CO2 pistols are to low for self defence!!!!

These are our pistol recommendations

Single Stroke Pneumatic Pistols: ( Accurate, self contained recoiless gun with a built-in pumping lever)
All these pistols are recoil and vibration free with extremely accuracy and two-stage adjustable triggers. Ideal for target shooting.

Weihrauch HW40 You just can't compare this to any of the CO2 pistols. Power is not very high, it only reaches about 410ft/s with RWS Geco's (chronied), but don't let that fool you, it is still more than enough to have fun. To put it in perspective... if it was made by Gamo, they would have claimed 600ft/s (they normally over estimate by 150-200ft/s). But, to get back to the HW40... this pistol is accurate. I would say it is just as accurate as any rifle with similar power.

CO2 powered pistols
These pistols are powered by 12g CO2 cannisters and give about 40 full power shots per fill. Great for short range plinking.

Daisy 15XT (shoots BB's)


Daisy 617X (shoots BB's and pellets)