airgun types



Spring Piston Rifles (springers)
The gun is cocked either by breaking the barrel or underlever depending on the type of gun. The gun contains a piston and a large coiled spring. This procedure compresses the mainspring and moves the piston back, which connects into the trigger mechanism. When the trigger is pulled the mainspring is released, pushing the piston forward which pushes the air in front of the piston through a port and propels the pellet down the barrel. The movement of the spring and piston leads to recoil, which can affect the accuracy of the gun. The lighter the gun usually the more recoil. Hence heavier spring guns are often easier to shoot and more accurate. To shoot a recoiling rifle accurately, techniques must be learned to compensate for the recoil of the gun. They can be very accurate and powerful.

All full (magnum) powered airguns is good enough to hunt rats, birds, etc at reasonable distances. Always remember that accuracy is very important, for that reason, rifles like the Hatsan 125 and Gamo 1250 is not recommended by us.
NB: Don't use airguns to hunt larger animals!!

Initially cheaper than a PCP rifle, self contained

Generally single shot only, more noisy than a PCP to shoot due to muzzle and piston noise, recoil can make the gun more difficult to shoot accurately, requiring more practice.

Here are our recommendations for spring powered rifles based on our own experience and knowledge.

The following rifles have been selected by us as best buys, each for its own reasons....

The HW50 Mk2 and HW35 fits nicely into the slot that used to be occupied by the famous BSA Supersport. They cost the same as a top end Gamo, but there is no way you can compare the two. These are pure class. The HW50 Mk2 does not have a the rekord trigger, but it is still very good. If you insist on the Rekord trigger, get the HW50S or the HW35.

The HW57 is a full power rifle with a difference. It is very light and compact compared to the other rifles. It has the best loading mechanism of all springers, Weihrauch's Rekord trigger and accuracy that can compare with the best any brand has to offer. With it's compact size, match accuracy and hunting power, this is the perfect all rounder...

The Diana 48 is a monster!!! One of the most powerful Diana air rifles with fixed barrel and side cocking lever. A big plus point of the side lever is that it enable you to fit a bi-pod. Optimum range performance, match type trigger, automatic trigger safety catch with additional cocking guard, metal rear sight universally adjustable, front sight adjustable, rail for scopes. Can reach a real 1100ft/s without using special pellets!!!! Available with either a beech wood or black stock
Total Length: 1100 mm , Barrel Length: 440 mm, Weight: 4.0 kg ...If you are looking for a high power springer, this is it.

The HW97K is powerfull and very accurate, Rekord trigger and built in silencer. German quality and craftmanship. Also available in a blue laminated stock (HW97KL). Both models are available in .177 and .20 caliber (no license is required).
The .20 is simply superb for hunting!!! It is capable of making headshots on feral pigeons at over 50m. For the ultimate "bling", get the HW97KL in .20 caliber.

Air Arms TX200HC or TX200Mk3. Extreme accuracy with more than enough power for hunting. Widely regarded as the most accurate and best quality spring powered rifles in the world. We say this is the best you can buy in .177. Except for the price, there simply isn't any fault to find on these rifles.