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Tips and Safety Tips and Safety Tips and Safety

Never dry fire a spring air rifle, it can seriously damage the gun.

Never cock the gun unless you are going to shoot it immediately, some pellet guns can only be uncocked by shooting. Leaving a spring gun cocked for long periods will weaken the spring.

Never insert anything in the chamber other than the proper caliber pellet.

Never oil the chamber of a synthetic seal spring air rifle. Synthetic seal guns never need chamber lube. You will only cause problems, maybe breaking the spring or ruining the seal. Leather seal guns occasionally need chamber oiling. Use only 3 drops of non detergent motor oil.

Always follow safe gun handling practices. Airguns can be dangerous and are not intended for sale to juveniles or use by juveniles except under strict adult supervision.

Always keep all pivot points of the cocking lever well oiled.

Always keep a firm grip on the cocking lever, don't let it fly loose from your grip.

Always put the gun on safe before loading a pellet.

Always take care when loading pellets, not to pull or bump the trigger of the gun.

Always think about where your shot will go if you miss your target. Be sure of your backstop.

Always make sure you operate within the Law. "I didn't know" is not an acceptable excuse.